SenX Technology is a Michigan based company founded in 2002 to commercialize the use of piezoelectric materials in sensors. John Brock obtained US patent rights that have been implemented in SenX products that have been used in a number of applications where periodic pulses tell an important story.

The FirstLook® products were designed to show the pulses output from internal combustion engines so that behavior between the various cylinders can be observed. The pulses might emanate from the exhaust, the crankcase through the oil dipstick tube, the intake manifold, etc. Since internal combustion engines are designed with a fixed number of cylinders, each ‘identical’, the pulses are periodic with a frequency known from the rpm and number of strokes per cycle – if the engine is in excellent condition! But if a valve is dirty and doesn’t close tight, rings are worn or broken, head gasket has a rupture, etc., the periodicity between cylinders is destroyed. This is the important story for internal combustion engines whether 2- or 4-stroke, diesel or ‘spark-plug’ (gasoline, natural gas, ethanol, etc.).

Others, for example, Tom Roberts of Autonerdz, have showed how to use FirstLook® with the pressure regulator to investigate the hydraulic pressure pulses in the fuel line to check for fuel delivery problems.

SenX now provides products (kits) with its partners and procedures to determine the physical integrity of the essential components of i.c. engines to complement the OBD codes that are correct if the engine has basic physical integrity.

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